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multi-fandom icons [Aug. 9th, 2013|09:28 pm]


[02] Battlestar Galactica
[14] Chronicles of Riddick
[03] Covert Affairs
[03] Dark Angel
[04] Defiance
[01] Firefly
[08] Lost
[02] Lost Girl
[12] Snow White & the Huntsman
[05] True Blood
[02] Vampire Diaries
[01] Crossover: Angel/BtVS (#01)

here @ thinkingalike
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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2010|02:22 am]

Hey Everyone,
We're giving away (2 packs of) 2 tickets to any CreationEnt.com convention. As I'm sure most of you guys know, CreationEnt.com throws the BEST conventions!! My boyfriend and I have been to so many of their conventions and have gotten some AWESOME photo ops with the stars. Its so much fun!
We've gone to their Firefly convention every year so far. I posted some of our funny photo ops here before! We've had Jayne beating us up, Jewel stealing my boyfriend away from me, etc..... LOL...

If any of you guys are interested in entering our giveaway, please check out our video and comment!
Thanks guys & Good luck =)

Here's my fave photo op ever...hehe...:
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WhedonFest - Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dr. Horrible/Dollhouse convention! [Jul. 30th, 2010|01:38 pm]
WhedonFest - Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dr. Horrible/Dollhouse convention!
Whedon Fest is a convention happening in Toronto, Canada on Oct 1 - 3, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre.

Guests include Amy Acker and Christian Kane, both in their first Canadian convention appearances! (They also don't do many conventions!)
Also attending is Nick Brendon, with more guests to come!
The weekend includes autographs, photographs, guest talks, charity auction, panels, Geek-Off tournament, Saturday night dance and masquerade, giveaways, contests and much more!
You can check out the official event site at www.starrynightevents.com or www.twitter.com/whedonfest
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Jossverse LAS [Jul. 29th, 2010|08:56 am]


A fanfic last authors standing community, join today!
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Weekly Question. [May. 15th, 2010|09:07 pm]


We at [info]buffyquestions are back with a vengeance this week after a weeks hiatus.
The weekly question is asking what are the best flashback scenes in Firefly/Serenity and what are your favourite flashback scenes in Firefly/Serenity?

So come on over to [info]buffyquestions and have your say!!

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Facebook Group Trying To Get Nate On SNL [May. 13th, 2010|05:19 pm]

This needs to happen, so join! :D

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Courage Web Series Ep 1 [Apr. 10th, 2010|12:20 am]

Group of Browncoats started up their own webseries. New crew, new boat, not bad at all.

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News from Melbourne Browncoats [Mar. 20th, 2010|11:33 am]

There's lots of news from Melbourne Browncoats over at www.melbournebrowncoats.com.

Latest posts include updates on this year's Can't Stop the Serenity event, a call for knitters to make Jayne hats for charity and a Meet & Greet on 25 March.

There's also news from the verse too. If you're a Browncoat in Melbourne, you should definitely check it out!
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84 Icons; Multi-fandom [Nov. 9th, 2009|05:57 pm]

Firefly (1-13)
Smallville (14-28)
Legend of the Seeker (29-69)
The Vampire Diaries (70-84)


See them all HERE @ isisizabel

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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2009|04:07 pm]



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